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Butcher Block TableThe kitchen is one of the areas where families spend most of their time in a house. For this reason, it is important to have a beautiful eye-catching design that makes the kitchen comfortable and easy to access. In addition to that, the utensils and appliances should be put well in an orderly manner. With Kitchen islands and butcher blocks, you are assured of having a kitchen that is not only comfortable, but also stylish. Butcher blocks are usually made of wood such as sugar maple, walnut or teak. They serve as chopping and cutting boards or as work tables In addition to that, it gives the kitchen design an antique touch and makes the kitchen look even more unique. Since it is made of assembled wood, it has become very common among manufacturers because they can use cut off wood pieces from other products to make them and thus saving on costs. For this reason, it becomes very easy to attain cheap butcher blocks.

Kitchen islands are both used during the preparation and cooking of food or for eating. However, it may sometimes be used as a place to entertain guests and family members. In some cases, the kitchen island comes with appliances and sinks. Such kind of islands will therefore require more space for them to fit in the kitchen. On the other hand, if you intend it to serve for the purpose of eating, you will need to consider the number of seats to have on the island. In addition to enhancing the kitchen’s design, kitchen islands also provide more storage space for appliances, utensils and ingredients. For those designed for eating, the height of the island will also depend on what kind of seats you will want to have either the table seats or bar stools. However, you should ensure that it is comfortable for use. Furthermore, it should complete the work triangle which includes the refrigerator, sink and range if it is to be used for food preparation.

Designers have also come up with kitchen islands and butcher blocks that are combined in one. However though this kind may be a little bit more costly, they are definitely more convenient.

The costs of the butcher blocks and kitchen islands solely depend on the materials used to make it, their size and design. You should therefore go for one that is within your budget. An advantage of the islands is that they come in various colors and you will be able to choose whichever goes well with your color scheme. This will ensure that the island does not look out of place and that it blends well with the rest of the furniture in the kitchen. In addition, it may work well to bring the family together. For instance when one is cooking, the others may keep him or her company and talk about how their day has been. The kitchen island may also be used as a place where children may do their homework and adults work on their projects either on paper or on their personal computer.

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Butcher Block TableA wide variety of butcher blocks are available for sale and are designed for both the home kitchen and for commercial use in restaurants and bigger kitchen spaces. Butchers blocks are usually made of strong, good quality wood and are heavy and thick. They are ideal for chopping meat and fish. Single blocks can be quite cheap but models that include shelving systems can reach for much more. We will have a look at a selection of different models and outline what they are designed for and who may find them useful.

A simple and elegant Butcher Block can be found at Ikea.The NORDBY is a simple wooden block that can be placed on any kitchen or work surface and will do the job that is required. This butcher block is stable and simple, but lacks the features of more sophisticated chopping blocks. The block should be rubbed with oil occasionally and should only be hand washed. The block is made from oak and is available to buy in the Ikea store but is sadly not currently available to buy online.

The John Boos Butchers block is a much more advanced butchers block and comes built on a stainless steel storage shelf. The wooden block is extremely thick and is made of high quality end grain hard rock walnut. The wooden block is also treated with an oil finish. The actual butchers block is 12.7 cm thick and is designed for commercial kitchens and restaurants. The shelf unit is mounted onto wheels and is mobile. The tubular steel shelf is very easy to clean and designed to be very hygienic. This is a very stylish butchers block and will feel at home in a cutting edge and modern kitchen space. This butchers block is not cheap and should only be considered by those that are serious about cooking.

The Eddingtons butcher block trolley is less than half of the price of the John Boos Butchers block, but manages to pack a similar design, whilst being sleek and modern in its use. The butcher block is attached to a shelving unit and the whole piece is made from good quality beech wood. The unit includes a large utensil draw which is useful for storing knives and other kitchen utensils in and the shelf section also includes a wine rack. The whole piece is also made by hand which gives a more organic feel. This butchers block is available online and comes with free delivery. Those that are serious in the kitchen should consider this model

There is a wide variety of butchers blocks and chopping boards currently available on the market. All have pros and cons and are designed for different requirements. Those that are sturdy and made from good quality material will last for years and should be an essential requirement for any serious cook in the home kitchen. Commercial restaurants may want to pay more attention to butchers blocks that come with extra features such as added storage space and mobility.

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Butcher BlockA butcher block is a neat kitchen fixture that adds beauty, functionality and uniqueness into any kitchen. It can be used to prepare food, as a table for sharing meals or as a fixture that will be admired by visitors to your kitchen. However, due to its regular use, a butcher block gets dirty very quickly, and hence regular cleaning is needed to avoid contamination and nasty flies from invading your kitchen. It is important to know how to clean a butcher block for health and proper service. The following tips will help you keep your kitchen butcher block spic and span, maintaining cleanliness, a good environment and maintaining the butcher block for a long time:

Firstly, scrape the butcher block’s surface immediately after use, using a spatula, to keep the butcher block sanitary after using. After scraping, make sure you clean it at least once a day, using water, liquid detergent for dish washing, as well as a sponge. The cleaning should be done on every side. Once this is done, take a soft dish rag or towel and dry the butcher block off the water completely.

If the butcher block was used to cut fish, meat or raw chicken, it is advisable to disinfect it, so as to destroy any bacteria that might be hiding on its surface. To disinfect the butcher block, use bleach or a mixture of hydrogen peroxide and white vinegar. One table spoon of bleach should be enough. After disinfecting, rinse the butcher block thoroughly with water to get rid of all traces of the disinfectant.
Sometimes, nasty looking and stubborn stains may appear on the butcher block, which are hard to remove. The trick is to pour concentrated lemon juice on the stains, then after a short while clean the butcher block as normal. Lemon juice also serves to eradicate any odors lingering around the block after food preparation is done.

To keep the butcher block in good shape, without drying or cracking, once a week or so, pour slightly warm mineral water on to the butcher block, and using a sponge, gently spread the oil across the whole surface. After this, apply beeswax topcoat onto the butcher block to seal the oil into the wood. However, if the kitchen butcher block is varnished, there is no need to add the oil because the varnish protects the wood.

In case major cracks have already occurred on your butcher block, use a wood filler to fill them in, then after drying, sand smooth them and repeat the whole oiling process.

In addition to these cleaning tips and procedures on how to clean a butcher block, proper storage is very important to maintain it in good shape: keep it away from other appliances such as dryers and stoves which may cause it to become dry, and always remember to store the block on its side so as to prevent the buildup of moisture underneath it.

Hopefully, using these tips to store, clean and look after your butcher block will maintain its look, promote cleanliness in your kitchen and prolong its service as a fixture and a kitchen appliance for a long time.